There are two main paths individuals drop as Free Click Funnel Site.

Those that choose to use the tool for their company. In hopes of one day to be in the two Comma Club (over $1M in earnings).

As well as those that have an interest in earning passive income as a ClickFunnels Affiliate. As well as winning the Dream Car Contest.

In that Dream Car Contest they pay you $500/$1000 in the direction of your dream car.

But only if you get to 100/200 active regular monthly signups, respectively.

With an amazing 40% monthly recurring commission. Free Click Funnel Site has one of the best affiliate programs in the marketplace.

That’s right. You make money a recurring 40% payment on every affiliate signup you make via the Free Click Funnel Site.

So, exactly what does this actually mean?

The basic plan is a $97/month investment and the Etison Suite plan is a $297/month investment.

As a result of that, you make $38.80 in each basic plan as well as $118.80 per Etison Collection strategy … every single month!

Typically, every 100 signups will certainly generate $4000/month in affiliate payments.

This can be more or less depending on the number of sign ups you have in Etison Suite.

Click here for more information concerning ending up being a ClickFunnels Associate.

Affiliate Secrets – ClickFunnels Affiliate Training Course

There is no one right training to succeed as a ClickFunnels affiliate. Rather, there is many ways that will work depending on what traffic sources you want to make and what value you want to provide.

This is a little hack that I use to be able to make $10k in my first month, and $2k recurring after my first month.

I signed up for the ClickFunnels affiliate training (bootcamp) when I first started with ClickFunnels. I watched all the videos and tried all the methods they recommended.

They didn’t work.

That’s not to say their affiliate strategies of bridge pages, etc. couldn’t work. That is just to say they didn’t work for me.

Luckily, I have been doing affiliate marketing for awhile, before I ever got introduced to ClickFunnels and so I was able to use the same strategies that I used to succeed as an affiliate for other companies with ClickFunnels.

This ClickFunnels affiliate training that I offer in this video is just a small part of what I teach in my full course. The course is more than 14 videos and lays out all of the strategies I use to make 5 figures in PROFITS with the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

If this video doesn’t convince you that I have a unique perspective than I don’t know what will.

I have been in the affiliate marketing game for a long time and the ClickFunnels affiliate program is probably the best I have ever seen. They treat their affiliates great. They offer tons of affiliate training as well.

My course can take what you learn in the ClickFunnels bootcamp and build upon it IMMENSELY.

Also, the price that I sell my course for is astoundingly cheap. I know all the gurus out there are selling their courses for $1,000, but that just isn’t how I roll. My ClickFunnels affiliate training course is proven to work because it is built upon a system that works every time.

Here is the link again in case you missed it.

Thanks for watching the ClickFunnels affiliate training. I hope that even if you don’t purchase the course that you succeed as an affiliate and this strategy helps you double or triple your ROI as a ClickFunnels affiliate.


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