People take photographs every day. Nearly everyone has a camera of some sort and snap pictures of just about everything—from their children at the pumpkin patch to an interesting crack in the sidewalk. Maybe you are the type of person that lives your life through the lens on your camera. Have you ever thought that these pictures could provide you income on the side or even create an entire career? Using simple tools and the amazing resource of the internet you can start making money taking photographs.

Benefits of Making Money Taking Photographs

• This type of job is completely independent. You have no co-workers or boss to contend with and answer only to yourself.
• Selling your photographs allows you to set your own hours and only work when you want to so you can work around your life rather than living around your work.
• There is absolutely no limit to what you can photograph so this job is always exciting and always different.
• The income earned through selling your photographs is residual. Once you post that photograph for sale you have no more responsibilities but to collect your pay.
• Selling your photographs allows you to express yourself artistically in an accessible platform. It can be used for further advancement of an artistic career, or just as a way to get the creativity flowing occasionally.
• You are constantly able to earn more by adding more photographs to your account so this job has little to no risk of a plateau.
• Because you sell your photographs through a maintained website there is no need to interact with people or “sell” anything.
• No inventory, products, store or services to sell mean extremely low overhead and little hassle.

Start-up Costs

Making money selling photographs has a very low start-up cost in comparison to other types of businesses. For many people, the necessary tools are already in their homes and all they need to do is utilize them.

• You will need a camera in order to take the pictures to sell. Which type of camera you use is totally up to you. Some people use simple digital cameras, others prefer to use film cameras and scan their photographs into their computers, believing they have deeper dimension and higher quality.
• A computer with internet capability allows you to upload your photographs and post them to the photograph-selling websites. It doesn’t matter if this is a desktop or laptop as long as it can handle the files and use the internet.
• A home office with your computer and filing capability can be useful if you are very organized and want to make selling your photographs a serious enterprise.
• If you choose to use a film camera, you will need to purchase film as well as pay for film processing.
• It is possible that you will want to photograph places away from your immediate area. You will need to take into account gas, travel expenses and any admission fees or donations that may be required for your desired destination.

Earning Potential

Something wonderful about earning money selling your photographs is that you could make money quickly and easily with very little effort.
• The amount you earn obviously depends on the quality of your photographs and how many people choose to purchase them. Focusing on creating high-quality, creative and interesting photographs, will keep potential customers looking for your work.
• For some customers, to simple, every day and even mundane can be exactly what they need. Think about the pictures you see on advertising, websites, brochures and other formats constantly. This is where your photographs can end up!
• There are many websites that allow you to upload your photographs and sell them. When you first begin selling your work you should consider placing work on several to gauge traffic and sales patterns. You may even want to continue using several to gain maximum exposure.

• Selling your photographs can open you up to a world of artistic opportunity. If someone particularly likes you work you may be commissioned to create more of the same strain. Be open to bigger potential and keep growing.
• Remember to have fun taking your photographs and let each have a message or audience in mind. Every picture you take is not going to sell immediately, or maybe not at all, so each one should bring you some personal pleasure and be of good enough quality that people will want them.

Many times people look at the pictures used in advertising or decoration and don’t even consider that someone actually took that photograph. Taking photographs and selling them online can be a wonderfully fulfilling, highly profitable venture. If you keep your integrity and put in a little effort, people will be drawn to your work and want to purchase it.

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