Email has an ability many channels don’t – creating valuable, personal touches. That’s why
email marketing is still a dominating method.

People look for emails to learn about new products & transactions, so that they can buy what is beneficial for them. They no longer look for mails from friends and family.

The fact is, no one emails their friends or family anymore except for forwarding documents. Your customers are already in mood for business when they log into email.

But for many marketers, the problem is that their emails hardly make it to the inbox of their customers. Due to this they lose on their prospective customers.

But my friend Cyril & his team thought about this problem and has created a solution for it.

It’s Mail Engine.

Check the demo on the below link –

Mail Engine is a full-fledged autoresponder system is built right inside WordPress for the
convenience of your customers. It has all the features that you can use inside your
autoresponder and easily send emails to your list.

Have a look at the features –

Import lists without any restrictions.
Send mails using SMTPs, PHP-Mail or using GSuite/GMail
Sign up subscribers using Forms
Distribute mail jobs over multiple SMTPs / Sending methods

Apart from these there are 3 killer features that you’ve never seen before in any software:

Integration With Gmail & GSuite API for mass mailing – Mail Engine integrates with Gsuite and Gmail APIs to give you an opportunity to send your marketing mails using Gmail or Gsuite
(preferable) to get great deliverability at a very low cost.

Spintext in the Email body and subject – Mail Engine is the only mailing client that has
introduced Spintext in the email body and subject. When you use Spintext, each email that goes out to your customer is 100% unique.

Spun URLs, unique in every mail – Mail Engine’s URL spinner, every mail has a 100% unique URL pointing back to your website using Javascript redirection (not HTTP redirection). Any web based ESP has a hard time detecting Javascript redirections and will register it as unique.
Result : Better inboxing!

This is something which you can’t miss in 2019.

So, hurry up as the cart has just opened and right now it is available with an amazing deal.


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