Getting started with Peerfly and CPA marketing? In this video you will see a live campaign build so you know exactly how you can get started with the Peerfly CPA network.

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Peerfly is one of the hottest networks for beginners right now. You can get approved quite easy and they have a ton of offers.

For this live build we decided dive into my expertise which is promoting sweepstake offers on social paid traffic.

Normally we target English speaking geo’s just because its easy for everybody to understand. However, in this video we decided to pick a non-english speaking geo just so everybody could see the translation process.

I use a service called one hour translations to get all my copy translated.

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The beauty of Peerfly is that they have tons of offers however not always the most competitive payouts. You’d have to run their offers to see how their conversion rate are compared to others.


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