The things I learned in the last 10 months have been more significant for me, business and personal wise than 4 years of business school.

Going through the ups and downs will make you realise that business is hard. If it was easy everybody would do it. However, the growth you experience through failure is amazing, to this day I still love every second of it.

I do take into consideration that “more money, more problems” and therefore try to create a business that fits perfectly in my “lazy lifestyle” of going to the gym being a wannabe bodybuilder, eating and chilling all day while making a good amount of money with the things I’m good at.

This YouTube channel and my Facebook group are the two main factors of me giving back to the community. Because I know how hard it is to start. I was lost before I found my mentor, who took me by the hand and guided me step-by-step.

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