Social Media Marketing Bangla Tutorial – What it is? How does it work?

Nowadays we use different types of social media. We use facebook, twitter, youtube, Google +, Instagram, LinkedIn, and some others social media. this site is also known as social networking sites.

Selling any product or services using this social media is known as social media marketing. Social media is processed to communicate with others company and people.

Every company should maintain social media presence. Because whatever you do, whatever product or service you provide you will get your targeted audience on the social media. So it is crucial to the company to maintain social media presences.

Why Does My Company Need Social Media?

There are several ways social media can help your company.

it helps you to build Relationships with your customers.
You can get Feedback directly from your client or customers
Customers can ask Question you can respond by using SM
You can develop your Product
You can Learn and improve

What is The Right Social Networks for My Company?
As a social media marketing manager, this is your very first steps to identify right audience and selecting right social networks. not all social networks are fit for all company. The most popular social networks are

As a Social Media Marketing Expert What is Your Duties?

Understanding Audience
Selecting Right Social Networks Site
Social Media Goal Setup
Content Creation
Brand Development
Basic Analytics
Basic SEO

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Changing youtube channel name
Stop Autoplay on Youtube
Block annoying user
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Upload video Correctly on Youtube
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